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Hôm nay cùng NGOC ANH IELTS học từ vựng chủ đề ” TOURISM ” trong ielts reading để các bạn làm bài tốt hơn nhé!

STTTừ vựngCách phát âmNghĩa Tiếng ViệtVí dụ: 
1Accessible (adj)Có thể đến đượcMachu Picchu is accessible by plane, train, or hiking.
2Archeologist (n)Nhà khảo cổ họcAn archeologist is interested in ancient cultures.
3Ceremonial (adj)Nghi lễArcheologist have many theories but few precise ideas about the ceremonial functions of Machu Picchu.
4Construct (v)Xây dựngAll constructed from heavy blocks of granite fitted precisely together.
5Institute (v)Đặt ra, xây dựngIn 2005, the Peruvian government instituted a set of restrictions on the use of the trail.
6Marvel (n)Vật kỳ diệuIts offers many marvels of its own.
7Pertain (v)Liên quan đến, nói đếnThere are also legal requirements that pertain to the minium wage that porters must be paid as well as the maximum weight load they can be required to carry.
8Precisely (adv)Chính xác, hoàn toàn đúngIt is not precisely clear how the ancient inca used the site.
9Spectacular (adj)Đẹp mắt, ngoạn mụcThe spectacular natural setting, the wonders of architectural and engineering skills embodied in the well-preserved buildings.
10Upside (n)Ưu điểm, phần tốtThe upside is that the environment and the workers are protected.
11Category (n)Hạng, loạiThe types of vacations that fit into the category of ecotourism vary widely.
12Culprit (n)Thủ phạmEcotourists often shun cruise ships, because these are among the biggest culprits in the toursim industry in terms of environmental pollution.
13Delicate (adj)Mỏng manh, dễ tổn thươngCruise ships also cause damage to coral reefs and other delicate ecosystems that they travel near.
14Dump (v)Vứt bỏ, đổ rácMany large cruise ships injure the environment by dumping garbage into the sea.
15Principle (n)Quy tắcNot all of these companies follow the principles of ecotourism.


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