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Đối với writing task 1 trong IELTS, mình nghĩ rất nhiều bạn còn lúng túng với câu từ và cách diễn đạt nội dung cho chính xác và hợp lý nhất. Vì vậy, Ngọc Anh Ielts đã tổng hợp bộ từ vựng, phrases và các diễn đạt cho Writing task 1.


  • From the …. it is clear that …
  • As can be seen from the … that…
  • As is shown by the…that…
  • As is illustrated by the…that…
  • The…below shows/indicates/illustrates/reveals/represents the number/data of …

2.Time expressions:

3. Quantities and measurements


  • Range, rate, extent, scale, percent, percentage, level, proportion, degree, ratio.Measurements:
  • Length, weight, distance, height, altitude, area, volume, size, frequency, duration.

Related verbs: be, make up, consist of, constitute, comprise, amount to, equal, account for, represent, include, record, reach, stand at, become.

4. Contrast: Similarity

Similarly, likewise, equally, in the same way, the same, in a similar way, both…. and…., as well as, not only… but also, also, too, like x, y, …. as…. as…., just as x, y…, just as x, so y….

But, while, in contrast to, however, whereas, by contrast, nevertheless, although, instead of, yet, even though, a part from, on the other hand, as opposed to, except for, unlike.

5.Verbs and nouns to describe change


Increase, go up, rise, grow, expand, double, multiply, jump, climb, gain, raise, accelerate, develop, escalate, ascend, soar, swell, boom.
Decrease, go down, fall, drop, decline, reduce, shrink, lessen, lower, contract, slow down, deplete, diminish, level off, collapse, plummet, plunge, slump,
Remain/unchanged/steady/stable/constant, stay the same, maintain the same, no change in, stay constant at, level out at, on a level with/at.
Fluctuate, vary.


Increase, acceleration, development, doubling, expansion, gain, growth, rise, jump, rise, ascent, soar, upward trend, swell.
Decrease, decline, depletion, diminishing, drop, fall, lessening, lowering, downturn, collapse, reduction, slide, downward trend, slump.


peak at, reach a peak of, stand at, hit a peak at, arrive at a climax, reach a maximum number of, soar/rock to a highest point of, reach a plateau at, fluctuate around, hit a historic low, touch/rock/reach the bottom of.

6.Adjectives and adverbials


Amount: small, slight, limited, marginal, minor, partial, restricted, large, great, substantial, enormous, extensive, extreme, major, numerous, vast, widespread.
Emphasis: considerable, dramatic, major, marked, notable, noticeable, sharp, significant, striking, strong, substantial, insignificant, minor, slight, consistent, moderate.
Time: slow, gentle, gradual, steady, constant, fluctuating, rapid, fast, sudden, quick.


Hardly, barely, scarcely, a little, slightly, somewhat, marginally, moderately, partly, relatively, significantly, considerably, substantially, particularly, exceptionally, remarkably, dramatically, enormously, a great deal, very much, slowly, steadily, gradually, quickly, rapidly, suddenly, sharply, strongly, obviously, steeply, noticeably, markedly, considerably, remarkably, dramatically, strikingly.

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