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Paraphrase đề bài, hay thesis statement, là một yếu tố cực kì quan trọng giúp bạn ghi điểm trong mắt examiner ngay từ những câu đầu tiên của bài viết. Trong bài viết sau đây, NGOC ANH IELTS sẽ cung cấp cho bạn một số nhóm từ đồng nghĩa thường xuyên được sử dụng nhất trong IELTS nhé.

Nhóm 1: Solve, deal with, cope with, handle, resolve, addres, tackle (the problem/ issue/ practice/ trouble)

  • VD1: Solving these problems involves both analytical and creative skills.
  • VD2: In every business, those who can tackle problems rather than complain about them are bound to succeed.
  • VD3: US policy has failed to adequately address this problem.

Nhóm 2: Damage, hurt, injure, harm, impair, undermine, jeopardize

  • VD1: The articles are seen as causing serious damage to Alexander’s reputation.
  • VD2: They may believe that they never physically harm anyone but in fact may cause serious psychological damage or pain.
  • VD3: This explains his belief that the damage caused by apoplexy couldimpair function on both sides of the body.
  • VD4: A devaluation of the dollar would jeopardize New York’s position as a financial center.

Nhóm 3: Give, offer, render (a service), impart (knowledge) , provide, supply, afford (an opportunity or facility)

  • VD1: Books, and now the Net, offer easy access to a goldmine of information.
  • VD2: That organization renders their services to the public all over the country.
  • VD3: They also impart knowledge to people newly diagnosed with diabetes, walking with them in empathy.
  • VD4:  It affords opportunities to solve problems and demonstrate the concern of the care team.

Nhóm 4: Develop, cultivate, foster

  • VD1: As she grows up and matures, you will notice many of these childhood traits develop into adult ones.
  • VD2: The challenge is to cultivate their skills while sustaining their interest and preserving the joy.
  • VD3: The temple can serve to foster spiritual growth and development.

Nhóm 5: Advantage, (on) merit, virtue, benefit, upside, strength

  • VD1: Prospective trust board members will be selected on merit related to the skills they possess and the skills necessary to manage this reserve.
  • VD2: Patience is a virtue and one that is supposed to bear rewards.
  • VD3: The obvious upside of being self-employed is that you can sleep in on any day you please.

Nhóm 6: Disadvantage, demerit, drawback, downside, weakness

  • VD1: Whatever the merits or demerits of any of these policies, the liberal label would never fit if the word still meant what it once meant.
  • VD2: The main difficulties and drawbacks to these methods are the quality of the obtained parts.
  • VD3: Having a residential campus, however, has its downsides – like the campus food, which apparently was, and still is, less than appetizing.

Nhóm 7: Puzzle, bewilder, perplex, baffle

  • VD1: The doctor was puzzled, for the disease must have taken hold long ago.
  • VD2: But what bewilders me is that instead of providing a real solution, the local authority simply forces the schools to close.
  • VD3: I was perplexed when my results were quite different from those reported in the article.
  • VD4: The murder has baffled police, who still have no motive and no suspect for the shooting.

Nhóm 8: Key, crucial, critical, important, significant, vital, substantial, indispensable, imperative

  • VD1: There are also moments when the emotional responses of keycharacters in key situations completely fail to ring true
  • VD2: He said the project is absolutely vital to the future development of the area.
  • VD3: For this reason, she did not have high status although she wasindispensable.

Nhóm 9: Think, believe, insist, maintain, assert, conclude, deem, hold the view that, argue, be convinced, be firmly convinced, be fully convinced

  • VD1: However he insists that this can only be good for the development of his players.
  • VD2: I would however assert that the belief in absolute truth requires an attempt to follow it as best as possible.
  • VD3: If it is deemed a success, other secondary schools in the district could follow suit.
  • VD4: I’m firmly convinced that God is extremely good and that He does love and understand all the world and all the people in it.
  • VD5: Therefore, we hold the view that the present method is noninvasive, cheap, and convenient, which may be used in the clinic.

Nhóm 10: Protect, conserve, preserve

  • VD1: Recent research shows that only half the dogs and cats in the UK are fully protected against infectious diseases.
  • VD2: Our psychophysical health is strictly dependent on the environment, hence the importance to protect and conserve it.
  • VD3: New buildings should preserve the existing environment while applying the latest science and materials.

Nhóm 11: Assure, ensure, guarantee, pledge

  • VD1: I’m not promising we’ll win it, but I can assure all the supporters that we’re determined to give it our best shot.
  • VD2: We must now ensure that ending sexism is addressed as part of the debates about the future.
  • VD3: The only thing that it guarantees with its product is that your car will meet these New Jersey standards.
  • VD4: We are at war, but against no nation; we have an enemy, but it wears no uniform; we are pledged to victory, but may not recognise it when it is achieved.

Nhóm 12: Bad, baneful, evil, harmful, detrimental

  • VD1: The brutal winds of the tornado are sure to have a baneful effect on the tiny beach homes.
  • VD2: The act of killing thousands of innocent people is profoundly eviland we rightly abhor it.
  • VD3: Human population growth on our planet is certainly detrimentalto the environment.

Nhóm 13: Request, demand, needs, requisition

  • VD1: The company expects to receive a formal request for documents or a subpoena in the next few days.
  • VD2: Payers in the public and private health systems face the challenge of increasing demands for effective but expensive medicines.
  • VD3: Blix strongly believes that nuclear energy is a prerequisite for satisfying the future energy needs of the world.
  • VD4: In the prior process, you had to staff a whole purchasing department and send a requisition in to them, and you’d bring in too much invariably because you had to stock up on materials.

Nhóm 14: Eliminate, clear, remove, clear up, take away, smooth away

  • VD1: If we could eliminate stress, would we eliminate a lot of disease?
  • VD2: There should be someone to whom you can turn for any advice or to clear up any problems.
  • VD3: It’s good to have a mentor to help smooth away the difficulties of a new career.

Nhóm 15: Lead to, bring about, result in, cause, spark off, conduce to, procure, induce, generate

  • VD1: The invention of the internal-combustion engine brought about a huge shift in people’s mobility.
  • VD2: This, he feared, might spark off further violence from one, if not both, of the groups involved, and achieve little of significance.
  • VD3: His affability conduces to success as a salesman.
  • VD4: Every person who, by willful perjury or subornation of perjuryprocures the conviction and execution of any innocent person, is punishable by death or life imprisonment without possibility of parole.
  • VD5: It induces drowsiness and sleep and is powerfully amnestic.

Nhóm 16: So, therefore, thus, hence, consequently, as a consequence, accordingly, as a result, because of this, as a result of this

  • VD: It therefore contains, trapped in its ice, almost as much water as there is in that sea.

Nhóm 17: Allege, assert, declare, claim

  • VD1: The applicants allege that there is insufficient evidence to show that a charge of forgery could be laid.
  • VD2: In the Preface, Dawkins declares that his intention in this book is to make science more appealing to a young generation which prefers the beauty of art and which is drawn increasingly to careers in the social sciences.

Nhóm 18: Happen, occur, take place

  • VD: Several peace marches have already taken place at the site and a peace camp has been set up nearby.

Nhóm 19: Reason, factor, cause

  • VD1: Everyone needs a reason to justify getting up in the morning, and a wage doesn’t really do it for most people.
  • VD2: The safety campaigners point out that speed is a contributoryfactor in more than 1,100 deaths on Britain’s roads every year.
  • VD3: By measuring errors or gaps in the process, you can identify the underlying root causes of process issues.

Nhóm 20: Development, advance, progress

  • VD1: It is about understanding the entire arc of human socialdevelopment since we emerged as a species.
  • VD2: Everyone knew tomorrow’s mission involved an armored advanceagainst possible heavy enemy defenses.
  • VD3: Cheng said construction contractors were making progress and work is on time and mainly on budget.

Nhóm 21: Useful, helpful, beneficial, profitable, rewarding, advantageous

  • VD1: This was very beneficial to the children and a start in cultivating their love of literature.
  • VD2: This paper prompted useful discussion, though the main discussion session was less profitable.
  • VD3: This proved advantageous for learning French, as few spoke fluent English there.

Nhóm 22: Influence, impact, effect

  • VD: In the present context, letter visibility and its influence on reading behaviour might play a role.

Nhóm 23: Clear, obvious, evident, self-evident, manifest, apparent, crystal-clear

  • VD1:  It is self-evident that childhood experiences must have a profound effect upon our beliefs about ourselves
  • VD2: It saves them from examining the manifest failings in their own actions.

Nhóm 24: Compared with, compared to, in comparison with, in comparison to, by comparison with,by comparison to

  • VD: The lines of the diamond shone golden but were pallid in comparison with the fierce light of the column of fire.

Nhóm 25: By contrast, in contrast, on the other hand, on the contrary=, conversely

  • VD: The cats will often sleep the day away. The dogs, by contrast, never settle down.

Nhóm 26: Approximately, almost, about, around, nearly, roughly

Nhóm 27: Practically, in practice, essentially, in essence, in reality, in effect, in fact, as a matter of fact, it is a fact that

  • VD: It is practically a silent movie, relying on sound effects, rather than dialogue.

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