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NGOC ANH IELTS chào tất cả các bạn! Hàng loạt từ vựng với những bài đọc chi chít các chữ là chữ, rồi làm sao để có thể đọc nhanh nhưng vẫn hiểu được những ý chính của đoạn văn. Vậy hôm nay NGOC ANH IELTS sẽ chia sẻ với các bạn keyword giúp các bạn nâng trình độ reading của mình lên nhé!

access to be able to enter, reach, approach, etc. something
“He couldn’t access his email account because someone had changed his password.”
access the ability or right to enter, reach, approach, etc. something
“I don’t have access to those files.”
accurate precise or exact; free from error (opposite = inaccurate)
“The victim was unable to provide an accurate description of the criminal.”
achieve to accomplish; to reach a certain standard
As a result of her hard work, she achieved an excellent score on her final.”
acquire to get or come into possession of something; to accumulate or collect
“Over 20 years of collecting stamps, I’ve acquired over 4,000 of them!”
analyse to look at something closely; to examine in detail
“After analysing the DNA sample, the police were able to identify the killer.”
aspect a part or an element of something
“Flexibility is just one aspect of being a successful gymnast.”
assist to help or aid someone (noun = assistance)
“They were assisted by an outside company when designing the program.”
available free to help; present or in stock (in regards to inventory)
“We do not have enough resources available to complete the project.”
aware having knowledge of something; being conscious or cognizant of something
“I wasn’t aware of the problem. Thank you for informing me.”
benefit (from) to receive an advantage or make an improvement
“Society has greatly benefited from technological advancements.”
benign gentle or kind; favorable; passive or inactive
“ The military cannot afford to be benign in this war.”
comment (on)to make a statement about something
“First, I would like to comment on the current environmental situation”
compensate (for) to give an equivalent or a return for something else
“If the government expects citizens to do this, they must compensate their citizens fairly.”
component a part or element of something (see also: aspect)
“To understand the whole problem, you must look at all of its separate components.”
concentrate (on)to focus your attention on something
“In order to move forward, we must concentrate on finding realistic solutions to the problem.”
consequence a result or effect of something
“He was executed as a consequence for his heinous actions.”
consist (of) to be made of something; to be composed of something
“A healthy relationship must consist of trust and mutual respect.”
constant regular and seemingly permanent (adverb = constantly)
“It is difficult to deal with constant disagreement when working in a group.”
construct to develop or build; to make
“Numerous condos are currently being constructed in the downtown core.”
contribute to give to a common cause, supply, or fund
“I contributed over $300 to charity last year.”


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