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Trong bài học hôm nay, NGOC ANH IELTS chia sẻ với các bạn idioms chủ đề ” shopping ” giúp mình có thể nâng band điểm trong bài ielts speaking nhé!

o cost an arm and a leg (id): Very expensive – đắt đỏ

E.g: Luxury goods can cost me an arm and a leg to buy.

To be on the breadline (id): Very poor – nghèo nàn

E.g: In every end of the month, I’m always on the breadline situation.

To tighten the belt (id): to save money – tiết kiệm tiền

E.g: When I have to tighten the belt, I just do window shopping.

To make a killing/to have money to burn (id): To spend a lot of money – tiêu nhiều tiền

E.g: However, when I have money to burn, I spend a lot on buying my favorite things.

To spend money like water (id): To have many to spend – tiêu tiền như nước

E.g: When I get the monthly salary, I often spend money like water on clothes because I’m a slave to fashion.

To shop until you drop (id): to do a lot of shopping – mua sắm nhiều


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