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Chỉ cần một đến hai idioms trong bài nói thôi đã đủ gây ấn tượng với giám khảo rồi. Trong bài học hôm nay, NGOC ANH IELTS chia sẻ với các bạn những idioms giúp bài nói của bạn trôi chảy hơn nhé!

  1. A far cry from something: very different, almost the opposite

Eg: The movie was good, but it was a far cry from the book it was based on.

  1. A close call: a situation in which something bad almost happened.

Eg: I had a close call! A big truck almost hit me!

  1. All along: all the time

Eg: I knew all along that Jack wasn’t telling us the whole story.

  1. All’s well that ends well: a successful outcome is worth the effort.

Eg: I’ve completed writing my book after all painful work. All’s well that ends well.

  1. All of a sudden: something happening quickly, without advance warning.

Eg: It started out to be a beautiful day. Then, all of a sudden, it became cloudy and began to rain.

  1. All thumbs: clumsy

Eg: Look at Martin he broke the antique vase. He’s all thumbs.

  1. As a rule:usually, customarily.

Eg: As a rule I never stay out late on a week night, because I have to get up early the next morning

  1. As far as someone is concerned: in one’s opinion/

Eg: As far as I’m concerned, it’s too cold to go swimming this afternoon.

  1. As long as: because something else is happening at the same time.

Eg: As long as you’re going to the drugstore anyway, buy me some aspirins.

  1. As luck would have it: the way things happened.

Eg: I made good note for my speech, but as luck would have it, I forgot to take them with me.

  1. At all: used with negative expressions to give emphasis.

Eg: I’ve read that book, but I didn’t like it at all

  1. At the end of one’s rope:at the limit of one’s ability to cope.

Eg: Marry may decide to divorce John. She is at the end of her rope.

  1. Bark worse than one’s bite: not as bad tempered as one appears.

Eg: Mr. Hopkins shouts harshly to his students but his student don’t care. The know that his bark is worse than his bite.

  1. Be behind the times: not be up-to-date, modern in one’s thinking.

Eg: He’s not a good teacher. He’s behind the times in his methods.

  1. Be bent on something: Have a strong desire to do something.

Eg: I told Harry not to drive his car in such bad weather, but he was bent on leaving right away.

  1. Be better off: be better on a long-term basis.

Eg: Do you think I’d be better off quitting my present job and going to New York?

  1. Spill the beans: reveal a secret.

Eg: Yes, it’s too bad that someone spilled the beans and ruined Harry’s surprise.


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