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NGOC ANH IELTS chào tất  cả các bạn! Trong bài học hôm nay, NGOC ANH IELTS chia sẻ với các bạn bí kíp trả lời Ielts Speaking part 3 để các bạn tham khảo nhé!

Ví dụ minh họa:  

Với câu hỏi Do you think there are too many game shows on TV nowadays ? Các em sẽ trả lời như thế nào?

Câu trả lời mô hình như sau:

– Step 1: Answer ( Đưa ra câu trả lời trực tiếp cho câu hỏi của mình)

Yes, there are far too many game shows on TV for my liking.

– Step 2:  Explain ( Đưa ra lời giải thích cho quan điểm của mình)

I suppose the channels show these programmes because they are popular, and they must be very profitable.

– Step 3: Example ( Hãy kết thúc phần câu trả lời của mình bằng một ví dụ cực chất nhé)

A good example is ‘Who wants to be a millionaire?’, which has been told to TV channel across the world.



1. How important is customer service for you?

– (Answer) Customer service is really important for me because I like to feel welcome and valued as a customer.

– (Explain) If companies want us to use their products or services, I believe they should treat us well and therefore encourage us to return.

– (Example) For example, I have a favourite cafe where I like to go, and the friendly staff are the main reason that I’ve become a loyal customer.

2. What can companies do to improve their customer service?

– (Answer) I think managers need to train their employees to deliver great customer service.

– (Explain) There are lots of things that staff members can do, such as ensuring that customers are greeted in the right way, their problems are handled quickly, and they are asked for feedback.

– (Example) For example, the staff in my favourite cafe greet customers as soon as they come through the door, and they always check that we are happy before we leave.

3. Why do you think employees sometimes don’t provide good customer service?

– (Answer) When employees’ treatment of customers isn’t good, I think it’s usually because they are unhappy doing their jobs.

– (Explain) This might be because they are treated badly by their managers, or because they haven’t been encouraged to take pride in their work.

– (Example) I remember in my first ever job, for example, I didn’t like the work that I was given, and so I probably wasn’t as thoughtful or attentive as I should have been when I had to speak to customers.

4. Do you think that it’s better to have clear aims for the future, or is it best to take each day as it comes?

– (Answer) I think it’s best to have a good idea of what you want to do with your life, especially in terms of studies and career.

– (Why – Explain) Having aims allows you to plan what you need to do today and tomorrow in order to achieve longer-term objectives.

– (Example) For example, if you want to become a doctor, you need to choose the right subjects at school, get the right exam results, and work hard at university.

– (Opposite) Without a clear aim, it would be impossible to take the necessary steps towards a career in medicine, or any other profession.

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