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Hôm nay Ngoc Anh IELTS xin gửi tới các bạn một bài mẫu về chủ đề thường xuyên gặp phải trong các bài Essay – chủ đề Family. Các bạn hãy chuẩn bị sẵn giấy bút để ghi chép lại những cấu trúc hay và những từ vựng hữu dụng nhé!

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In recent years, the structure of a family and the role of its members are gradually changing.

What kinds of changes can occur? Do you think these changes are positive and negative?

Band 8 Sample

In the past few decades, the patterns of a family have greatly diversified. There are some changes regarding its organization and members’ role; and in my opinion, these changes can be seen as a progress.

Families at present have undergone two main differences compared to   the   past.   First,   a nuclear   family now   can   have   more than one breadwinner who normally is the father. This is because in the modern world, only a few jobs could secure the stability of single- earner families, which forces both parents to be the financial supporters. Second, the trend that parents exchange their roles has become more common. As the result of women’s protest for their rights, mothers now have equal opportunities for education and work,  which  allows  the  other spouse to assume  responsibility as a stay-at-home parent to take care of the children  and  the  housework.

From my perspective, those changes in a family’s structure and parental roles are positive for a number of reasons. That both parents can become the breadwinners would ensure that the family can be more financially stable. This not only directly eases the burden that the father have to bear in order to support the whole family but also enables the mother to pursue her dream job. From another angle, it  is an upward step that people are at liberty to do what they like and what they are good at. Women can follow their dream and become the main earner if they are better at work than their husbands.

In conclusion, I think the changes occurring to a family’s hierarchy and members’ responsibilities are a positive step toward a better world.

Useful vocabulary:

  • Nuclear family: gia đình cơ bản gồm có bố mẹ và con cái
  • Breadwinner: trụ cột gia đình
  • Single-earner family: gia đình chỉ có một trụ cột
  • Spouse: người chồng hoặc vợ
  • A stay-at-home parent: bố hoặc mẹ ở nhà để chăm sóc con cái và làm việc nhà
  • At liberty to do sth: có thể tự do làm gì đó
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