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“The animal species are becoming extinct due to human activities on land and in sea. What are the reasons and solutions?”

It’s frightening that myriads of terrestrial and marine animals are on the verge of extinction due to human beings. My essay will shed light on the causes and measures to this issue.

To begin with, the constant tampering of nature by human has led to drastic changes in the natural world resulting in animals and plants finding it more difficult and difficult to survive. Nearly every kind of habitat or ecosystem – be itland, air or water – has been affected by the uncontrollable destruction of habitats by human. The impact of humans taking land for buildings, farming and timber has rendered species extinct at speeds unprecedented in Earth’s history. Besides, humans, due to their industrial, agricultural, or normal day-to-day activities, release an inordinate amount of toxic waste that is eventually dumped into the air, water or landfills. Tragedies like oil spillshave been known to destroy and threaten many aquatic life forms.

Having said that, rapid, greatly intensified efforts to address the problem, slowing the extinctions currently underway. First, each government should levy exorbitant fines on devastating behaviors such as littering, illegal dumping or other environmental offencesThe implementation of stringent laws, accompanied by extensive media coverage of the issue would raise environmental awareness among all sections of the society. Second, international organizations such as the United Nations should coordinate activities among member countries as well asencourage participation by the private sectorto promote sustainable use of the world’s natural resources.Specifically, the presence of such inter-governmental organizations plays a major role in initiating negotiations on reducing industrial pollution level or other toxic waste.

In short, the blame for the most recent mass extinction is not natural calamities – it’s human. Therefore, several solutions need to be done to tackle this worrying trend and save endangered species from the brink of extinction.


  • terrestrial and marine animals: các động vật trên cạn và dưới biển
  • uncontrollable destruction: sự phá hủy không kiểm soát
  • at unprecedented speeds: ở tốc độ chưa từng có
  • release an inordinate amount of toxic waste: xả ra một lượng lớn khí thải
  • aquatic life forms: những hình thức sống dưới biển
  • slow the extinction: làm chậm quá trình tuyệt chủng
  • sustainable use: sử dụng một cách bền vững



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