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Trong bài học hôm nay, cô chia sẻ với các bạn bài viết mẫu topic ” technology ” để các bạn tham khảo nhé!

Đề bài: “Maintaining public libraries is a waste of money since computer technology can replace their functions. Do you agree or disagree?

Today, computer technology is becoming more and more advanced. Many people think that it is wasteful to spend money on maintaining public libraries because most of their functions can be replaced with computer technology. However, I firmly believe that library should never be disregarded by our society.

On one hand, the development of computer science has brought about lots of benefits to our lives. Anyone could obtain and store a great amount of information online easily instead of going to public libraries to search for them. People can also read books on the move with their mobile devices such as iPhones, iPads, and so on. Furthermore, people do not have to remember the deadline to return the books.

On the other hand, public libraries still have several advantages over the Internet. First, a library always plays an important role as a reliable learning resource. Indi- viduals could get access to sufficient data for their studies when they use public li- braries. Second, individuals have more chances to make new friends and exchange learning experience when studying in a library. This opportunity can rarely be found on studying in front of a computer. Compared with only studying via the Internet, students could study in a more quiet and professional environment for academic purposes such as doing researches or graduate thesis.

In conclusion, I believe that both public libraries and computer technology are necessary for people to expand their knowledge. Therefore, public libraries will not disappear or be replaced by computer science in the near future because of their unique features and benefits.


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Used Vocabulary and Collocations:

  • advanced computer technology (n): công nghệ máy tính tiên tiến
  • online (adj): trực tuyến
  • mobile devices (n): các thiết bị di động
  • get access to (v): tiếp cận với
  • to do something on the move: vừa di chuyển vừa làm được việc gì đó.



  • Affect (v)

Meaning: ảnh hưởng

Example: The Internet has affected the way people connect with one another.

Synonyms: alter, change, influence

  • Breakthrough (n)

Meaning: phát minh quan trọng

Example: Scientists have made a huge breakthrough in cancer’s treatment. Synonym: discovery, finding, leap

  • Browse (v)

Meaning: tra cứu, tìm kiếm

Example: Rather than go to the shops, I normally browse products on the Inter- net.

Synonyms: peruse, look through

  • Censorship (n)

Meaning: sự kiểm duyệt, quyền kiểm duyệt

Example: Censorship in China prevents people from accessing Facebook and Goo- gle.

Synonyms:  restriction,  suppression

  • Cutting-edge (adj)

Meaning: vượt trội, độc đáo

Example: The new MacBook is a cutting edge invention of computer technology Synonym: forefront, leading edge, vanguard

  • Develop (v)

Meaning: phát triển

Example: Scientists are trying to develop smarter computers. Synonyms: advance, evolve, progress

  • Device (n)

Meaning: thiết bị

Example: Samsung is one of the leading brands of mobile devices. Synonyms: machine, appliance, gadget

  • Digital (adj)

Meaning: điện tử

Example: In the years since the invention of the first digital computers, computing power and storage capacity have increased exponentially

Synonyms: automated, electronic

  • commerce (n)

Meaning: thương mại điện tử

Example: These days many people prefer using E-commerce to traditional shop- ping.

Antonyms: mail order, high street shops, malls

  • Indispensable (adj)

Meaning: không thể thiếu được (cấp độ cao hơn crucial)

Example: The smart phone has become an indispensable device for the millennials. Synonyms: vital, crucial, essential

  • Innovative (adj)

Meaning: có tính đổi mới

Example: Steve Jobs was an innovative CEO of Apple. Synonyms: inventive, original, ingenious

  • Intuitive (adj):

Meaning: dễ hiểu, dễ sử dụng

Example: Apple is successful because its products are so intuitive.

Synonym: innate

  • Labor-saving (adj)

Meaning: tiết kiệm sức lao động

Examples: Perhaps the most influential inventions are relatively simple labor-sav- ing devices such as the vacuum cleaner.

Synonyms: automated, automatic Antonyms: by hand, manual

  • Modify (v)

Meaning: thay đổi theo chiều hướng tích cực

Example: I modified my laptop by adding more memory and a faster pro- cessor.

Synonyms: adapt, adjust, customize

  • Obsolete (adj)

Meaning: cổ xưa, lỗi thời

Example: The CD player has become obsolete due to the invention of MP3


Synonym: antiquated, archaic, outmoded

  • Privacy (n)

Meaning: sự riêng tư, tính riêng tư

Example: Many social network users have concerns about their privacy


Synonym: confidentiality

  • Progress (n)

Meaning: sự tiến bộ, sự phát triển

Example: The 20th Century saw rapid technological progress.

Synonyms: development, improvement, growth

  • Revolutionize (v):

Meaning: cách mạng hóa

Example: It cannot be denied that the Internet has revolutionized our lives. Synonym: transform, recast

  • Social media (n)

Meaning: truyền thông đại chúng

Example: People of 21st century get used to using social media to access

news content.

Antonym: print, TV, radio, cinema

  • Virtual (adj)

Meaning: ảo, không có thật, giả lập (virtual reality: thực tế ảo, virtual assis- tant: trợ lý ảo)

Example: Apple’s Siri is a virtual assistant that can perform tasks or ser- vices for Apple products’ users.

Antonyms: actual, real

  • Wireless (adj)

Meaning: không dây

Example: Most computers now have wireless technology. Synonym: wifi


  • Modern technology:

Meaning: công nghệ hiện đại

Example: Modern technology such as new machines and gadgets can help human

beings execute various tasks.

  • The rapid growth of technology:

Meaning: sự lớn mạnh nhanh chóng của công nghệ

Example: The rapid growth of technology has led many companies and organiza- tions to use IT systems for the management and the safety of information.

  • Digital age:

Meaning: thời đại số

Example: The time period in which we live now where Internet and email are avail- able is an example of the digital age.

  • To be addicted to the Internet:

Meaning: nghiện Internet

Example: A lot of people nowadays have become addicted to the Internet.

  • To get access to the Internet:

Meaning: tiếp cận được với mạng Internet

Example: Many rural areas are now able to have access to the Internet.

  • To lack social skills

Meaning: thiếu hụt kỹ năng mềm

Example: Children getting access to the Internet too early can lack several essential

social skills.

  • To face health problems

Meaning: đối mặt với các vấn đề về sức khỏe

Example: People who spend too much time on smartphones everyday will be likely to face health problems such as back pain, nerve damage, and depression.

  • To keep in touch with

Meaning: giữ liên lạc với ai đó

Example: It has never been easier to keep in touch with your friends and family with

the help of the Internet

  • To communicate on the move

Meaning: giao tiếp mọi lúc mọi nơi

Example: With mobile phones, people can communicate on the move without any difficulties

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