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Trong bài học hôm nay, NGOC ANH IELTS chia sẻ với các bạn academic words trong listening để các bạn tham khảo nhé!

fill in (something): to write words in blank spaces

Example: Please fill in this form and give it to the receptionist.

find out (something): to learn or discover something

Example: My mother is angry at me because she found out that I had quit my French class.

first of all: the very first thing

Example: First of all we prepared the garden and then we planted the seeds.

for good: permanently

Example: The city will close the public swimming pool for good next week.

for sure: without doubt, certainly, surely

Example: I will go to the movie with you for sure next week.

get back to (something): to return to something

Example: I was happy to get back to my work after my holiday.

get into (something): to become interested or involved in something

Example: I do not want to get into an argument with my friend. We will get into the details of the plan tomorrow.

get into (somewhere): to enter somewhere

Example: My friend wants to get into a good university. I bumped my head as I was getting into the car.

get out of (somewhere): to leave somewhere, to escape from somewhere

Example: I want to hurry up and get out of my house.

get rid of (something): to give or throw something away, to sell or destroy something, to make a cold or fever disappear

Example: I bought a new television set so I want to get rid of the old one.

get through (something): to complete something, to finish something

Example: I have much reading that I must get through before tomorrow.

go ahead: to begin to do something

Example: Let`s go ahead and start now. We can`t wait any longer.

go on: to continue

Example: The game will probably go on for an hour after we leave.

go over (something): to examine or review something

Example: The accountant will go over the books tomorrow. We plan to go over that question tomorrow.

go through (something): to discuss something, to look at something, to do something

Example: The teacher decided to go through the exercise before the test.

go with (something): to choose one thing rather than another

Example: We decided to go with the small rental car rather than the large one.

hang out (somewhere/with someone): to spend one`s time with no great purpose, to spend leisure time with friends

Example: Recently my friend has been hanging out with a group of people who are not a good influence on him.

have (something) to do with (something): to be about something, to be on the subject of something, to be related to something

Example: The book has something to do with cooking but I am not sure if you will like it

hold on: to wait a minute, to stop, to wait and not hang up the phone

Example: Please hold on for a minute while I lock the window.

in a way: to a certain extent, a little, somewhat

Example: In a way, I want to go to the new restaurant but in a way, I don`t really care.


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