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Describe a place that can be good to relax (not home)

  • You should say:
  • Where the place is
  • what it is like
  • how do you spend time there
  • and explain why you think it is a good place for relaxation

I’m going to talk about my ideal destination to let my hair down and also a prominent tourist attraction in Vietnam, Sapa. Among a wide range reasons, I love Sapa simply because of the public there. They are warm, kind hearted and trustworthy. I remember that summer when my family decided to have a holiday in Sapa, we came into trouble because it was a tourist season and we ran out of accommodation. Fortuanately, we were put in by a local person for a night and she found a hotel nearby for us the following morning. Besides people, I found in Sapa a lot of interesting places to visit and learn about the ethnic minorities in Vietnam that I just had a chance to see in textbooks and on internet. Therefore, I see Sapa as a beautiful and peaceful place for me to refresh myself and recharge my battery after my semester. Anyway, I will come back to Sapa next summer for sure.

  • tourist attraction: điểm thu hút khách du lịch
  • kind hearted: tốt bụng
  • trustworthy: đáng tin cậy
  • come into trouble: gặp rắc rối
  • a tourist season: mùa du lịch
  • run out of: hết, không còn
  • ethnic minorities: các dân tộc thiểu số
  • for sure: chắc chắn

Describe a gift for others that took you long time to choose

  • What is was
  • Who you gave it to
  • How you choose it
  • And explain why you spend long time choosing it

Well, now, I’m going to talk about a special gift that i took a lot of time to find and choose. That gift was for my Maths teacher at my secondary school, who I admired and considered as my second mother. My teacher was born in September, but I had to think of what the gift was from July. Fortunately, it coincided with my summer holiday in Sapa. I immediately went shopping to look for some special things when I reached there. Unfortunately, there are a variety of products and I also do not know about my teacher’s hobby. Therefore, finding a suitable job for her is extremely a challenge for me. After 2 days with careful considerations, I decided to buy a scarf made from brocade fabric. It was sophisticated and unique. I crushed on that scarf at the first sight. I was satisfied because at least, I had tried to find a meaningful gift for my beloved teacher. And she seemed to love it a lot.

Describe a change that will improve your local area

  • What the change is
  • How the change works
  • What kinds of problems the change will solve
  • How you feel about the change.

If there is a opportunity to change something which makes our local area better, I think it’s a new library.
The standard knowledge about social issues of local people is quite low. I will give you a particular instance about my cousin. She was the same age as me and she just married last week because she had 5 months pregnancy. But the thing was she didn’t know she was pregnant until 2 weeks ago.
Obviously, she was lack of sexual knowledge and I think that if only my hometown had a library where there was a lot of books, she wouldn’t have come into troubles. Also with a small library, inhabitants at all ages can equip themselves with a reservoir of knowledge about a wide range of aspects. I’m sure that this change is a dramatc turing – point in the education of my local area. For instance, the literacy rate can be higher, so my province can provide a better well – educated workforce for economy, and unemployment level or other social evils can be mitigated. Above all else, the appearance of a library is the key to open a new door for my province.

  • standard knowledge: kiến thức chung
  • social issue: vấn đề xã hội
  • 5 month pragnancy: có thai 5 tháng
  • a wide range of: nhiều
  • come into troubles: gặp khó khăn
  • turing – point: bước ngoặt


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