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 1. SAMPLE 1

TOPIC: In developing countries, children in rural communities have less access to education. Some people believe that the problem can be solved by providing more schools and teachers, while others think that the problem can be solved by providing computers and Internet access.

Discuss both views and give your own opinion.

Band 8 Sample

People have differing views about how to aid children in rural areas regarding their access to education. Although the provision of computers and the Internet can temporarily address the issue, I would argue that the best measure is to establish new schools and employ more teachers.

On the one hand, I understand why some people believe that expanding the Internet network and supplying computers for children in remote areas give them opportunities to approach education.  Firstly,  it  is thought  that students can  acquire  a   great deal of knowledge from the online platform, most of which either is free of charge or requires small fees. Educational websites, such  as Wikipedia, have been constantly established to promote distance learning for children whose neighborhoods have few schools and teachers. Secondly, online classes and courses are widely available and accessible, which makes geographic adversities become rather irrelevant. It is because students, regardless of their background or location, can enroll in a class or course of their preference. This would therefore aid them to access education in their remote communities.

On the other hand, I would side with those who think that building more schools and hiring new teachers would permanently solve the problem. Only schools can create an effective studying environment for students to interact or compete with one another and comprehensively develop their scholastic competence and characteristics. Furthermore, teachers can discover students’ weaknesses during their teaching process, hence better and more effective educating methodologies, which leads to more fruitful results.

In conclusion, it seems to me that it is best to construct schools and employ teachers in rural areas, instead of depending on technology to bring about education opportunities for children at such places.

Useful vocabulary:

  • Approach education: Tiếp cận giáo dục
  • .Acquire   a  great  deal  of   knowledge from the online platform: Có được lượng lón kiến thức từ Internet
  • An effective studying environment: Môi trường học tập hiệu quả
  • Their scholastic competence and characteristics: Khả năng học tập và tính cách

 2. SAMPLE 2

TOPIC:It is observed that in many countries not enough students are choosing to study science subject.

What are causes? And what will be effects on society?

It is true that the number of science students are becoming inadequate in different parts of the world nowadays. The essay below will analyze some explanations for this situation as well as its influence on society.

There are two principal factors that contribute to the common disinterest in science subjects. First, those subjects are often challenging and require a lot of diligence as well as a great deal of patience and intelligence. The number of researches  that  an  average Biology student has to do is more than other subjects with higher level of both difficulty  and  commitment,  which  discourages many students from choosing science as their majors. Second, employment opportunities in this particular field are limited and extremely competitive. Although a huge amount of time and effort is spent on science study at school, there is still little chance for them to get a job after graduation.

Society greatly suffers from the scarcity of  human resources in science fields. Apparently, as the number of science students is insignificant, other majors such as business or economics become prevalent, hence the imbalance in future workforce. In fact, competitiveness increased due to too many degree holders of the same expertise pushes a worrying number of graduates to the verge of  unemployment. Another problem is the shortage of science professionals as qualified employees are low in number. Unless more students decided to study science at university, sooner or later we would have to face a major human resource crisis.

In conclusion, hurdles regarding some strict requirements of science subjects and employment opportunities are factored in a lot of students not choosing such subjects to study, and there are serious problems arising from this situation.

  • Disinterest in science subjects: Không hứng thú với những môn khoa học
  • Diligence as well as a great deal of patience and intelligence: Sự chăm chỉ cũng như là rất nhiều kiên nhẫn và sự thông minh
  • Higher level of both difficulty and commitment: Độ khó và độ cam kết cao
  • The scarcity of human resources: Thiếu hụt nguồn nhân lực
  • The imbalance in future workforce: Sự mất cân bằng lực lượng lao động tương lai
  • A major human resource crisis: Khủng hoảng nguồn nhân lực


TOPIC:Some people think that it is better to educate boys and girls in separate schools. Others, however, believe that boys and girls benefit more from attending mixed schools. Discuss both these views and give your own opinion.

Band 8 Sample

It is argued by some that students would benefit more when they attend single-sex schools. In my opinion, however, it would be better for them to enter mixed-gender education.

On the one hand, the primary reason why some people support single-gender education would be students’ better academic results. When boys and girls are taught separately, there is little chance for early relationships. This is considered as one of the most distracting problems for teenage and adolescent students. Without worrying about these distractions, students might be able to concentrate more on their study, and therefore, might get higher grades than those at co-ed schools. Despite this being true to some extent, having no interaction with the opposite sex will cause these students a lot of troubles later in life, especially in their careers.

On the other hand, I would argue that mixed-sex education is a better option because students are better prepared for their future jobs. Nowadays, it is almost impossible to find a company where there is only male or female staff. Therefore, those who graduate from single- sex schools, despite their higher academic results, might find it hard to work collaboratively with their colleagues of the opposite sex. By contrast, people from mixed schools might easily cooperate with their opposite-gender partners since they have learned how to communicate and interact effectively with opposite-sex classmates during their time at school.

In conclusion, although some people think that it is more beneficial to send students to single- sex schools, I personally believe that mixed-gender education brings more benefits for students.

Useful vocabulary:

  • separate schools = single-sex schools/education = single-gender schools/education: trường 1 giới
  • mixed schools = mixed-sex schools/education = mixed-gender schools/education = integrated schools/education = co-ed schools/education: trường 2 giới
  • send sb to….: đưa ai đó tới đâu
  • study at ….school = = enter…education =choose…school: học tại đâu
  • there is little chance for: hầu như không có cơ hội cho…
  • early relationships: việc nảy sinh tình cảm sớm
  • concentrate on = focus on: tập trung vào…
  • get higher academic results: đạt được kết quả học tập cao
  • have the opportunity to: có cơ hội làm gì
  • interact and take part in group work activities: tương tác và tham gia vào các hoạt động nhóm
  • opposite-sex classmates: bạn khác giới
  • learn a wide range of skills: học được các kỹ năng khác nhau
  • communication or teamwork skils: kỹ năng giao tiếp hay làm việc nhóm
  • co-existence and gender equality: sự cùng tồn tại và sự bình đẳng giới
  • explore each other’s perspectives, their similarities and differences: khám phá sự khác nhau/giống nhau và quan điểm của người khác
  • brings more benefits for: mang lại nhiều lợi ích hơn cho…
  • pass/fail the exam: đậu/ rớt kỳ thi
  • gain in-depth knowledge: có được kiến thức sâu sắc
  • core subjects such as science, English and maths: những môn học nòng cốt như khoa học, tiếng Anh và toán
  • study abroad = study in a different country: du học
  • drop out of school: bỏ học
  • gain international qualifications: có được bằng cấp quốc tế
  • improve educational outcomes: nâng cao đầu ra của giáo dục
  • top international educational league tables: xếp đầu bảng giáo dục quốc tế
  • encourage independent learning: thúc đẩy việc tự học

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