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NGOC ANH IELTS biết các bạn đôi khi rất bối rối vì IELTS Writing Task 2 có khá nhiều chủ đề cần phải học qua đúng không? Thế nhưng bây giờ các bạn có thể an tâm chu toàn ôn luyện phần này ,để các bạn thuận tiện hơn trong việc học tập và nhanh chóng đạt Band Score cao thật cao nha!

1. Reducing global environmental damage should be handled by governments rather than individuals. To what extent do you agree or disagree?
Sample Answer 1:
Global environmental damage is the most pressing problem in the world nowadays. However, when it comes to tackle the problem, people are divided in their opinions. In many circles, it is argued that governments’ role is crucial in reducing the environmental damage, while others put emphasis on individuals’ attempt. While I accept the notion that individuals can reduce environmental damage, I believe the governments can play a paramount role in improving environmental damage.

Environmental damage can be slowed and stopped with practical actions that yield a healthier, cleaner atmosphere. Actually, it is up to each of us, as individual, to take steps to slow down and eventually stop the damages through everyday awareness of our energy use, and pay attention to the ways we can save electricity and minimize fossil fuel usage. For example, using electricity to lighting our home, driving a car, heating our room and throwing away trash all lead to greenhouse gas emission that causes environmental damage severely. We can reduce emissions through simple actions like switching to energy-efficient lighting, improving the efficiency of home appliances, reducing energy required for heating, improving vehicle fuel-efficiency, and so on.

But, the governments could certainly make more effort to reduce environmental damage. They could pass laws to limit the emission from factories and industries and gradually they can force to the companies to use renewable energy from solar, water, or wind power. In addition to this, the government can set forth a national blueprint for a clean energy economy. Actually, they can outline a national climate action plan that puts emphasize on several key ways to reduce environmental damages. Apart from that, since environmental damage is a global issue, they can work for an effective international climate treaty negotiation so that international efforts can be ensured in reducing environmental damages worldwide.

To reiterate, as individuals we can contribute by taking steps to reduce our personal carbon emissions. But fully address the threat of global environmental damage, we must need actions from the government to support and implement a comprehensive set of climate solutions.

Sample Answer 2:
The rate at which the Earth is being damaged through human activity is alarming. As awareness of this disturbing situation grows, actions are increasingly being taken to meet the challenge. Although world governments play key roles in the question of environmental health, it is strongly disagreed that their environmental efforts negate those of individuals. I will use both a personal experience I have had as well as non-government inspired initiatives undertaken in my country to illustrate this position.

Firstly, the sizeable contribution an individual can make in the world’s attempt to cleanse itself should not be underestimated. I feel the changes I have made to my own lifestyle act as a good example here. Four years ago, I made a conscious effort to start taking the subway to work instead of driving after realizing I had been burning an entire tank of gas every week. The effect of this small change over the course of four years became magnified when I realized I had refrained from burning more than two hundred full car tanks of gas! Thus, although there are many things that governments can do to help fight environmental damage, the individual still plays a huge role.

In addition to this, many non-government related entities have also been making inroads in the battle for a cleaner world. For example, at many of the universities in Canada, there are student groups that work to raise awareness of the lifestyle changes people can make to better help the environment. These independent groups help put a face to a message and really push people to alter themselves for the benefit of the natural world. As this makes clear, projects aimed at preserving the Earth do not have to be government-run to make a difference.

As my experiences show, the world’s governments should not solely handle the issue of global environmental damage. It is hoped that the future sees more people contribute to this cause in any way they can.

2. Explain some of the ways in which human are damaging the environment. What can governments do to address these problems? What can individual people do?
Sample Answer 1:
It is undeniable that human’s deeds are harming the environment. This essay will discuss how the damage is caused, as well as the actions the Government and individuals can take to protect our world.

There are some ways in which people contaminate the environment. People worsen air pollution by making cars as their primary mode of transportation. After all, the more cars are driven, the more carbon dioxide is produced. Factories are also the main perpetrators of pollution by producing so much waste. In addition, there are individuals who dump rubbish in inappropriate places, such as river. Unfortunately, their reckless actions make river a toxic place to live for fish and other river inhabitants, eventually kill them.

The Government can solve environmental problems with a number of actions. One of them is to implement a pollution threshold for factories. If a company produces more pollution than the permitted threshold, it will be fined. Therefore, industrial companies would take necessary measures to reduce their waste. Another way is to improve public transportations. Reliable, clean, and safe mass transports will encourage people to use them, instead of using private cars.

Apart from the Government, individuals too can partake in protecting the environment. Firstly, individuals can reduce household waste. For instance, people can use cloth bag instead of plastic bag when shopping. After all, plastic can not be decomposed and its build up will harm the Earth. Secondly, people should use more public transportation and if possible, walk more. That way, pollution that comes from vehicles can be minimised.

In conclusion, people damage the environment with the high usage of private cars and industrial waste, and also by throwing rubbish irresponsibly. Government can solve these problems by implementing waste limit and enhancing public transport system. Individuals can also help by lessening their household waste and travelling by mass transports and walking.




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