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Một trong những tiêu chí đánh giá của giám khảo đối với bài thi IELTS Writing của các thí sinh chính là sở hữu vốn từ vựng phong phú cũng nhưng biết cách vận dụng chúng một cách linh hoạt. Các bạn hãy cùng NGOC ANH IELTS tham khảo 17 prepositions sau và áp dụng chúng trong quá trình ôn thi IELTS Writing nhé!

STTPrepositionsNghĩaVí dụ
1 As opposed toUsed to make a contrast between two things

(dùng để chỉ sự đối lập giữa hai điều được nhắc tới)

This exercise develops suppleness as opposed to strength.
2In addition

(to somebody/something)

Used when you want to mention another person/thing after something elseIn addition to these arrangements, extra ambulances will be on duty until midnight.
3On top ofIn addition to somethingHe gets commission on top of his salary.
In control of a situationWork tends to pile up if I don’t keep on top of it.
4With a view to (doing) somethingWith the intention or hope of doing somethingHe is painting the house with a view to selling it.
5 With regard to/In regard toConcerning somebody/somethingThe company’s position with regard to overtime is made clear in their contracts.
6  In place of somebody/somethingInstead of somebody/somethingWe just had soup in place of a full meal.
7In case of somethingIf something happensIn case of fire, ring the alarm bell.
8 For the sake of (doing) somethingIn order to get or keep somethingThe translation sacrifices naturalness for the sake of accuracy.
9At the behest of


Because somebody/something has ordered or requested itAt the behest of the King
10By means ofWith the help of somethingThe load was lifted by means of a crane.
11In accordance with somethingAccording to a rule or the way that something should be doneWe acted in accordance with my parents’ wishes.
12By virtue of/In virtue ofBy means of or because of somethingShe got the job by virtue of her greater experience.
13In order to do somethingWith the purpose or intention of doing or achieving somethingIn order to get a complete picture, further information is needed.
14In respect of somethingConcerning  A writ was served on the firm in respect of their unpaid bill.
In payment for somethingMoney received in respect of overtime
15On behalf of somebodyIn order to help somebodyThey campaigned on behalf of asylum seekers.
16Thanks to Used to say that something has happened because of somebody/somethingIt was all a great success – thanks to a lot of hard work.
17In lieu ofInstead of

They took cash in lieu of the prize they had won.

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