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Có rất nhiều chủ đề có thể nói đến trong Speaking Ielts. Hôm nay, Ngọc Anh Ielts xin giới thiệu đến các bạn 22 chủ đề phổ biến nhất trong Speaking Ielts nhé!

TOPIC 1: Home/ Accommodation

1. What kind of housing/accommodation do you live in?
I live in a tỉny apartment on Yen Lang street 6 days a week. ” Every Sunday I go back to my parents’ house on the outskirts of Hanoi.”

2. Who do you live with?
I live with one of my coworkers, who was also my college friend. We share the rent and other expenses lỉke electrỉcity and water, so it’s not really expensive.

3. How long have you lived there?
I’ve been living here since 2016, so it’s 2 years more or less although I did spend 6 months living in HCM city. I thought about moving somewhere else, but living here is pretty great and fun. Besỉdes it’s really close to my office.

4. What’s the difference between where you are living now and where you have lived in the past?

There’re quite a few differences. My parents’ house is huge with separate rooms, each of which has its own bathroom so it’s really convenient and private. However, my apartment right now is much smaller and I have to share a bathroom with my roomate.

5. Do you plan to live there for a long time?

That was never my plan. Two years ago I decided to rent a room here because my house was too far and it took me forever to get to my office. But I only stay here for maybe 1 or 2 years more before I can afford a house of my own.


TOPIC 2: Study

1. Describe your education.
I had my first 5 years at a local primary school on the outskirts of Hanoi, then I was sent to a school in the center of the city which was very far from my house. I went to college to get my degree in Environmental Science a few years ago.

2. What is your area of specializatlon?
I’m now a freshman at The University of Hanoi, studying environmental engineering. My parents tried to persuade me into pursuing Teacher Education at first but I decided not to.

3. Why did you choose to study that major?
I’ve always been into environmental issues, and it’s my dream to receive the Nobel prize in this field. Studying this major is a stepping stone to fulfilling my ambition.

4. Do you like your major?
Absolutely yes. l get to study what I like and I know that I can apply my knowledge into helping the environment. Studying has never felt so good!

5. What kind of school did you go to as a child?
l didn’t go to school when I was small, I was homeschooled by my mother. My parents were not financially adequate to afford my study.


TOPIC 3: Work

1. What do you do?
I now work as a scientist at the National Laboratory. I used to be a professor in the University of Hanoi but I changed my profession 5 years ago.

2. What are your responsibllltles?
I’m responsible for discovering and analyzing new chemicals. My job can be demandỉng and frustrating at times, but it is really rewarding. My work can save lives of thousands.

3. Why did you choose to do that type of work (or, that job)?
Even though working on new elements can be pretty dangerous, I just cannot quit my job. I have always been interested in science and chemistry ever since I was l child, so doing this job is really pleasing.

4. Are there some other kinds of work you would rather do?
Not really. But if I have to choose, I would go back to my formerjob – being a professor. Even though  I didn’t earn much from being a professor, knowỉng that my Iessons can help students achieve their goals is priceless.

5. Describe the company or organization you work for
I now work for the National laboratory, which is located in the city center, just about a mile from my house. My lab is on the 6th floor of the building.


TOPIC 4: Newspapers and magazines l

1. Do you often read newspapers?
I do, I usually read news after l get home in the evening. I used to buy printed newspapers but now I have a habit of reading online newspapers since it’s much more convenient.

2. Do you prefer to read local news or international news?
l don’t really favor one over another. I will read whatever I’m interested in, regardless of whether they are local or international.

3. Which is more popular where you live, newspapers or magazines?
It depends. People around my parents age tend to prefer newspapers, while magazines seem to be more appealing to the young.

4. Do many people today read newspapers?
I don’t know, really. I think people who need to get updated of the latest news or trend will have to read newspapers a lot.

5. In the future, do you think more people than today will read magazines, or fewer people?

l myself don’t think I’ll read magazines much in the future since newspapers are much more convenient.


TOPIC 5: Daily routine

1. What is the busiest part of the day for you? b
It’s the evening. All of my English classes are in the evening, 7 days a week. In the morning and the afternoon, I just spend my time relaxing by going to the gym or playing computer games.

2. What part of your day do you like best?
Probably the morning. I do exercise regularly in my room when the sun rỉses, and sometimes I go to the gym. What’s best about the morning is coffee time. I just love it because coffee keeps me active all day long.

3. Do you usually have the same routine everyday?
Pretty much yeah, although there’s a slight change on Sunday. I usually wake up really late on Sunday and I don’t have any coffee either. I just want to spend my weekend in my warm bed.

4. What is your daily routine?
I’m an early riser so I wake up at around 6 o’clock, then I have a cup of coffee 30 minutes after that before I go to the gym. l stay at home for pretty much the whole afternoon and I teach English classes in the evening.

5. Have you ever changed your routine?
I haven’t found any reasons to do so. Maybe in the future I will, because honestly I don’t like working for 7 evenings straight.

TOPIC 6: Social network

1. What kinds of social networking websites do you like to use?
I believe the most common and also the most famous one that young people like to use nowadays is Facebook. I myself, use Facebook everyday as a means of communication with my friends and updating news.

2. Are you a social person?
I see myself as an extrovert. I really enjoying making new friends and taking part in social activities.

3. What kinds of people do you like to be friends with on those websites?
l rarer accept stranger’s friend request to be honest. l prefer getting to know someone in person, rather than making friends based on what they display on the Internet.

4. Is it easy to find real friends on a social networking website?
personally don’t think so. There’re a lot of people with different purposes on the Internet. You can’t always be sure if they have good intention with you or not.

5. What kinds of chatting app or software do Vietnamese people like to use?
There’re plenty of them but I guess Zalo and Skype are the most common among all. It’s very easy to use and very convenient, even old people can get used to them quickly.

TOPIC 7: Time management

1. How do you organize your time?
As we all know, time is gold and no one can rewỉnd the clock, so being able to manage time effectively is my top priorỉty. In order to get things done and work efficiently, I carry a schedule notebook with me and update on tasks I have to work on every week.

2. Do you think people organize time in the same way?
I can’t tell. I mean, I’m used to writing my schedule down, kind of old-fashioned. My friends, however, install an app to control their time and their spending as well. I’ve never tried one, to be honest, I’m not that good with technology so I don’t think I’ll ever bother to install one in the future.

3. Do you think it is important to be on time?
100%! Being punctual is like a must, like a foundation for mutual trust. Arrivỉng late, in any circumstances, can be disrespectful to your pa rtner.

4. How do you feel when you are late for an appointment?
Frankly speaking, I feel ashamed. Before when I was younger, I wasn’t that serỉous about being punctual. Now that I’m older, fully aware of my responsỉbỉlỉties, the weỉght of my very actions, rarer make such mistakes anymore.

5. How do you feel when others are late?
Well, it depends. If a person is involved in an unprecedented or unavoidable event, then it’s understandable. However, if a person is late purer because he or she is careless, then it’s hard to ignore.


TOPIC 8: News

1. Are you very interested in the news?
Yes I am. But I am only interested in news about science and health because I’m not a fan of politics. Besides, news about science and health are both fun and useful.

2. Why do you want to know the latest news?
To be well-informed I guess. I don’t want to be someone who doesn’t know anything that is happening around the world. And news about science and health is really awesome with new discoveries and facts, which is a great way to relax.

3. How important is it to you to get the news every day?
Well it’s hard to say because it’s not the same for everyone. I myself have to read the news every single day because it’s fun and relaxing, but it’s not something that I can’t live without. Some other people even don’t bother reading the news at all.

4. What sorts of news are you most lnterested ln?
As l said before, I’m into news about science and health. I love reading about new inventions, discoveries about the universe. News about health is fun to read too. But sometimes, I also read articles about crime which is kind of scary.

5. How do you usually find this news?
First of the time, l read these kinds of news online. There’re a few websites that I visit frequently like New scientist or National Geographic.


TOPIC 9: Reading books

1. What kinds of books did you like to read when you were young?
When I was young, I didn’t like reading because textbooks at school were very boring, which made me think that all books are boring. However, I did read Japanese manga like Naruto or One Piece. It’s a great way to chill out.
2. Do you still keep these books?
Unfortunately no. When I got into college and my mom asked me to clean my room and either throw away or donate unused items, l decided to give those comic books to children at a local kindergarten.
3. Have you ever given others books as gifts?
Yes once in a while, even if it’s not any special occasion like birthday or something, I still buy books as presents for other people.
4. What’s your favorite kind of books?
Now I read all kinds of books: novels, fictions, science all sorts of stuff. Each kind has its own values and gives me different feelings. So I can’t think of one particular kind of book right now.


TOPIC 10: Countryside

1. Would you like to live in the countryside in the future?
Not in a million years. I love it here, in Hanoi. Busy and pretty disorganized as it is, Hanoi is a real good place to settle down. The countryside is little boring and too quiet for me.

2. What do people living in the countryside like to do?
I have never lived in the countryside long enough to answer this question, but my grandma told that people there like to get up early in the morning and gather under the shade of a big tree smoke and chat before getting to work.

3. What are the benefìts of living in rural areas?
I guess it has something to do with the atmosphere and lifestyle. Some people prefer the quietness and slow pace of life in rural areas. And the fresh air is also something a lot of people like about these areas. It’s much better for human health than in big cities.

4. What’s the difference between living in the city and living the countryside?
The differences between these places are mainly about work opportunities and the environment. In the city, you have access to all kinds of work, from blue-collar to white-collarjobs, while in the countryside you don’t have much choice. However, the environment in the countryside is cleaner, which is much better for your health.


TOPIC 11: Shopping

1. Are there many shops near your home?
Yes. There’s one right in front of my house that sells almost everything a human being would need to live comfortably. ln my neighborhood, there’re at least a dozen like that, so you can guess the competỉtỉon here is really intense.

2. Do you like shopping?
Who doesn’t? It’s a fantastic way to let off some steam. I work almost everyday from morning to evening so whenever I have some free time, I will go to a shopping mall and have a great time browsing around.

3. Who usually does the grocery shopping in your home?
My mom. Sometỉmes when I’m at home on Sunday, I’ll go with her. I’m pretty sure that my dad doesn’t go shopping with my mom during weekdays because he has his own hobby, which is fishing. So from Monday to Saturday, my mom will do the grocery shopping alone.

4. How often do you buy something in a shop?
Maybe once a week. I love shopping, but my free time doesn’t allow me to go to shopping malls to buy things too often. Sometimes, when I’m too busy, maybe only once every two weeks.


TOPIC 12: Food/Cooking

1. Is food important to you?
That’s a no-brainer question. Food is vitally important to everyone because no one can survive for a week without eating. If you want to live happily, you have to eat properly with healthy diets.

2. What kinds of food do you particularly like?
Fast food I guess. Although people say it’s not good for your health, it still is very convenient and yummy. Especially Mc Donald’s Royal Cheese Burger, you just cannot say no to it, absolutely mouth-watering.

3. Is there any food you don’t like?
Hmmm l’d say sea food. I used to be addicted to sea food when I was a child. Maybe ate too much sea food that I became allergic to it unfortunately.

4. What kinds of food are most popular in your country?
ln Vietnam, it’s absolutely nice noodle soup with beef, usually known as “Pho bo” among the locals. Its broth is sweet and nutritíous. Every person who comes from a foreign country just have to try “Pho bo” just once when he or she visits Vietnam.

5. Do you like cooking?
ln fact, I did the cooking everyday when I was a college freshman. I enjoyed it so much that I invited my friends to my room and had parties with food that I made once in a while.

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