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NGOC ANH IELTS chào tất cả các bạn! Hôm nay, NGOC ANH IELTS lại chia sẻ tiếp với các bạn những keywords quan trọng để các bạn ôn tập phần reading tốt hơn nhé!


convert (into)  to change or transform into
“That building was recently converted into a restaurant.”
correspond (with/to)
to be similar to something; to be in agreement with something
“The words of politicians often don’t correspond with their actions.”
crucial very important; vital
“The media was crucial to changing public opinion about the Viet Nam war.”
define to provide a definition; to give clarity or definition to something
“The word ‘crucial’ can be defined as ‘extremely important’ or ‘vital.’”
demonstrate  to provide a demonstration or to show how something functions
“This satellite will demonstrate the technological power of our organization”
design  to create or model
“The factory assembly line was partially designed by Henry Ford.”
disposal  the act of arranging or distributing; getting rid of something
“A general is responsible for the effective disposal of his soldiers.”
distinct clear and having easily-identifiable or specific characteristics
“Dark chocolate is known for its distinct smell and taste.”
emphasise  to place emphasis or special focus on something
“The media constantly emphasises the dangers of illegal drugs.”
erode  to destroy slowly over time; to disintegrate
“Many religious leaders feel that secularism has eroded morality.”
error  a mistake
“Despite constant reminders and protests, governments continue to make errors.”
estimate  to make an educated guess; to give a projection
“Scientists have been estimating a massive population explosion over the next two decades.”
exclude  to keep someone/something from entering a group, society, project, etc.
“When I was in high school, I was excluded from many activities due to my disability.”
extract  to get or obtain something from something else
“Physical torture is not an effective means of extracting information from a human being.”
flexible  not rigid; able to be shaped (opposite = inflexible)
“Employers need to be flexible to the needs of their employees.”
function  the working purpose of something; ability
“Cell phones are useful because they can serve multiple useful functions.”
identical  the same or alike in appearance and/or character
“The problem I have with suburban neighbourhoods is that all the houses look identical.”
identify  to recognise or verify the identity of someone/something
“Even today, scientists continue to identify new types of plants and animals.”
indicate  to show or give evidence of something
“Research indicates that cell phones can cause cancer.”
indication (of)  a sign or token
“High blood pressure is a clear indication of stress.”
interpretation  an explanation or perception of something
“Religious writings can have multiple interpretations.”
item  a separate piece or article of something
“Anthropologists have recently uncovered 200 physical items pertaining to the Incas.”
legislation  the act or process of making laws; the laws which have been made
“The current health legislation will be difficult for all political parties to accept.”
location  the place of something
“Niagara Falls is a popular location for tourists.”
logical able to be explained or understood clearly (opposite = illogical)
“The CEO has promised to take logical steps to ensure the future success of the company.”


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